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Retail pharmacists are the highest paid branch of the pharmacy profession. Average pharmacist retail salaries start at $55 per hour, and it is not unusual for retail pharmacist to make close to $70 per hour.  With sign-on bonues worth up to $30000, it is not out of question for retail pharmacists to make close to $200,000 a year.  However, the average retail pharmacist makes approximately $120,000 per year.  Most retail pharmacy practitioners are employed by the retail pharmacy chains. The biggest retail chains in the United States are CVS/Caremark, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

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Some retail pharmacists are employed by independent pharmacies, supermarket pharmacies, and variety "big box" chain retailers.


Retail pharmacy is the largest field of pharmacy practice and has the ability to touch more lives than all the other pharmacy practice settings combined. Retail pharmacy offers multiple career paths and endless opportunity for professional growth.  Retail pharmacy can be the setting where you still have the time and tools to deliver the personal care each of your patients deserves and needs. Each day, retail pharmacists help their patients’ live better, healthier lives.

Retail pharmacy jobs can be found by visiting our "pharmact classified jobs boards", contacting the individual pharmacy employer and navigate through the hiring process independently, or the prospective pharmacist can work through a a personal agent (pharmacy recruiters). The primary pharmacist recruiting firm in the United States is Rx Recruiters, which is actually composed of a network of independent recruiting firms that work together to place pharmacists in ideal career employment situations.

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